The Kore Ball: The Ultimate Baseball Toy

Baseball remains deeply ingrained in American culture. For generations, backyard baseball with toy balls and bats has allowed families to bond over the sport. But many classic baseball toys lack key features. Enter the innovative Kore Ball - a new type of baseball toy designed to capture the authentic thrill of the game.

The idea for the Kore Ball began in the hearts of baseball-loving kids who ate, slept and breathed baseball. After tearing the cover off the ball, they would stuff the cover with whatever soft material they could get their hands on, lace the ball back up, and keep on playing.



After years of coaching, playing, and studying the game of baseball, we launched our company in 2014 and have seen tremendous growth ever since. Kore Baseball Products is a family owned and operated company based out of Salt Lake City, UT. We are grateful for the many people who have helped us and we wish you the best in all of your baseball endeavors!

Traditional Baseball Toys

Baseball toys like wiffle balls and plastic bats have defined many childhood summers. Lightweight construction made these classic toys ideal for casual backyard games. However, their limitations impacted certain aspects of gameplay.

Lightweight Wiffle Balls

A perennial baseball toy, the wiffle ball is lightweight and designed with airflow holes. This odd-shaped plastic ball allowed kids to safely take big hacks in the backyard. But the holes also caused erratic movement atypical of real baseballs.

Plastic and Foam Bats

Bats included in backyard baseball toy sets were traditionally made of plastic or foam. While safe for casual use, these lightweight bats lacked the authentic feel and pop of real wooden bats. Power hitting was nearly impossible.

Restricted Gameplay

Due to their lightweight designs, traditional baseball toys restricted certain gameplay mechanics. Balls didn't carry far when hit. Weak bats limited power hitting. This impacted the authenticity of backyard games.

The Kore Ball Improves Backyard Baseball

Recognizing shortcomings of traditional baseball toys, the creators of the Kore Ball engineered a ball that precisely mimics the look, feel, and flight of real baseballs. This innovation enhances backyard baseball gameplay.

Patented Cushioned Core

At the heart of the Kore Ball is a proprietary cushioned core that compresses on impact. This provides a lively feel off the bat while limiting damage from contact. The core gives the ball authentic action.

Genuine Leather Cover

While featuring a soft inner core, the Kore Ball maintains a genuine leather exterior. This gives the same tactile experience as handling real baseballs. Traditional baseball toys lacked this authentic exterior.

Realistic Performance

The innovative inner core technology allows the Kore Ball to perform just like real baseballs. When hit, the ball carries farther and truer. Fielders handle tricky hops as balls take realistic bounces.

The Kore Ball Enhances Backyard Baseball Fun

This cutting-edge baseball toy improves all aspects of backyard play. The Kore Ball finally gives players of all ages the experience of playing real baseball in their own yard.

Authentic Hits and Catches

With its realistic look, feel, and flight, the Kore Ball allows for authentic hits, fly balls, line drives, and diving catches. Baseball toy restrictions are eliminated.

Exciting Competitive Play

Games take on true competitive excitement as hits carry farther and fielders make athletic plays. Close games come down to clutch hits, great catches, and mental toughness.

Safer for Kids

The cushioned core lessens impact, making the Kore Ball a safer baseball toy. Kids gain confidence without fear of stings or injuries from errant balls and swings.

Experience Real Baseball Fun in Your Backyard

The Kore Ball represents an innovation in backyard baseball toys. Its one-of-a-kind design finally gives players of all ages the ability to experience the look, feel, and excitement of real baseball right in their yard. Discover the game-changing Kore Ball and unlock a new level of authenticity and enjoyment with family baseball.