Official Kore Baseball Rules

Kore Ball is a game enjoyed by everyone and we wanted to write down the official rules on how to play. Obviously we encourage you to come up with your own way of playing but here are the Kore Baseball Products official rules on how to play:

Kore ball is very similar to baseball and anything not specified should apply like it applies in normal baseball:

- Anywhere from 2 - 30 players needed

- 4-9 innings play 

- 2-3 outs per half inning depending on how much time you have to play

- Peg outs normal outs count

- 4 bases 

- Pitchers should throw it in the strike zone and should not be trying to strike the batter out. Kore ball is meant to be an offensive game. 

- No walks or balks, if the pitcher hits the batter or throws 4 balls the count is reset to 0-0. 

- Playful trash talk is allowed and encouraged

- Take a picture and post it on social media and tag us @korebaseball