The Kore Ball

The Kore Ball is a cushioned core, genuine leather, and hand-stitched baseball that inspires ballplayers of all ages to build confidence and love the game.

What makes the Kore Ball unique?


  • Designed with a unique, cushioned core
  • Soft enough to eliminate the fear of damage or injury
  • Great for ballplayers of all ages!


  • Made with genuine cowhide leather
  • Hand-stitched with raised seams
  • Perfect for throwing fast-balls, curve-balls, and anything you’d like!


  • Perfect for enjoying a game of backyard baseball
  • Can be used for batting practice and training
  • A ballplayers best friend!

For Coaches

The Kore Ball is also an excellent training baseball and is used by little-league coaches across the nation. Start training with the Kore Ball today!

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