Top 7 Best Baseball Haircuts in the MLB

Baseball players are increasingly expressing their individual style through creative haircuts. The combination of youthful stars and loosening of old school traditions has produced some fresh modern looks. Here are the most notable MLB haircuts rocked by today's players.

Before we dive in, be sure to check out the Kore Baseball, it is a cushioned core baseball that is replacing the wiffle ball and extremely fun to play with.

#1 The Flow Baseball Haircut

The long locks remain popular, with stars like:

Noah Syndergaard

Josh Hader


Bryce Harper


The Flow, you can't go wrong with the flow. It is especially popular with pitchers. If you want to intimidate your batters grow out your hair. Every pitcher that has long hair has got a nice set of off speed pitcher that no one is ready for. With hair coming out of the back of their caps, players with this due give off a carefree and effortlessly cool vibe on the field. This hairstyle not only looks striking but also symbolizes freedom and individuality, which makes it a popular choice for players who embrace their uniqueness.

#2 The Buzz Cut Baseball Haircut

The no nonsense buzz cut has many adherents including:

Mike Trout

David Ortiz

Derek Jeter

The Buzz Cut represents a no-nonsense approach to hair, favored by players who prioritize practicality and low maintenance. This clean and crisp style not only ensures comfort during the hot summer months but also gives players a sharp and uniform look. With minimal fuss and easy upkeep, the Buzz Cut allows athletes to focus entirely on their game. Don't ever be afraid of getting a nice buzz cut. 

#3 The Mohawk Baseball Haircut

Modern stars embracing partial and full mohawks include:

Josh Donaldson

Francisco Lindor

Yasiel Puig

The Mohawk is a bold and attention-grabbing style that adds an extra edge to a player's presence on the field. By shaving the sides and leaving a narrow strip of hair down the center, players showcase their fearless and assertive nature. The Mohawk not only signifies confidence but also serves as a powerful statement of individuality in a competitive sport. 

#4 The Mullet Baseball Haircut

Baseball's enduring affinity for the mullet thrives today:

Charlie Blackmon

Dansby Swanson

Pedro Martinez

The Mullet, a classic 80s hairstyle, has found its way back onto the baseball field, bringing nostalgia and a touch of rebellion. With short hair on the front and sides and long hair at the back, players sporting the Mullet embrace a distinct look that stands out from the crowd. This hairstyle is a testament to embracing one's uniqueness, no matter the era. 

#5 The Faux-Hawk Baseball Haircut

Spiked faux-hawks remain popular including:

Kris Bryant

Mike Trout

The Faux Hawk strikes a balance between boldness and sophistication, offering players a stylish alternative to the traditional Mohawk. By maintaining a strip of slightly longer hair down the center while keeping the sides shorter, athletes achieve a refined and modern look. The Faux Hawk allows players to express their individuality without going to extreme lengths. Kris Bryant pulls this off well especially with the beard. The Faux Hawk always increases confidence on the field.

#6 The Dreadlocks Baseball Haircut

Fearsome dreadlocks flown by current stars include:

Elley De La Cruz

Andrew McCutchen

Dreadlocks, a symbol of culture and identity, have become a popular choice for players seeking to honor their heritage on the field. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, dreadlocks reflect a deep sense of pride and tradition. Athletes with this hairstyle not only demonstrate their dedication to the game but also showcase the significance of embracing diversity in sports. The dreads show you came to play. If you have the hair for it, you gotta do it.

#7 The Afros Baseball Haircut

Massive afro have always been cool:

Oscar Gamble

Francisco Lindor

The Afro hairstyle is a celebration of natural curls and a tribute to the historical impact of black players on the sport. Iconic players like Oscar Gamble and Bob Watson popularized this style in the 70s, leaving an enduring legacy. Today, players continue to embrace their natural hair, redefining beauty standards and promoting inclusion within the baseball community.

Bleached Hairdo

Another up and coming trend in baseball is the use of bleach. Several young players are showing up with bleached hair for the playoffs. The only requirement for this look is that you have to be good at baseball. No backwards Ks with bleached hair. The other team will laugh at you.

In the world of baseball, hair is more than just a fashion statement; it is a powerful expression of identity and personality. From the timeless Flow to the culturally significant Dreadlocks and Afros, every hairstyle represents a unique story and a player's journey through the sport. As players continue to push boundaries and embrace their individuality, baseball hair will remain an integral part of the game's vibrant and diverse culture. It will be fun to watch who raises the bar on baseball hair trends next!